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About Us

The Stonehouse Narrative Team has years of experience in web design & development, brand development, and digital marketing. We are pleased to serve Temecula, Murrieta, and surrounding cities. We believe in people and we build brands that inspire them. We construct brand identities with your future in mind. We provide the complete package, from brand development and creative design to web development & design and social media; all under one roof.

Joshua Emerson
Meet Matt, the Creative Director at Stonehouse Narrative. He has over 8 years experience in media content production, digital campaign management, and brand development.
Matt Weaver
Creative Director
Meet Tom, the Communications Director at Stonehouse Narrative. He has over 20 years experience in professional writing.
Tom Pfingsten
Communications Director
Kirk's investment in the completion and success of each project underlines his commitment to our clients’ success and also builds a greater trust within the teams he manages.
Kirk Yale
Project Director
Mika, a native of Denmark, brings more than 13 years and 800 successful WordPress projects to the team. From the beginning of his career, Mika has dedicated his time, energy and expertise to creating the best, most modern and functional WordPress sites to meet the client's needs.
Mika Kaltoft
Full-Stack Developer
Thomas brings his 20 years of experience in development into his work in UI/UX Design, Web Application Development, iOS Development Content, Management Systems (e.g. WordPress, Joomla), Microsites, E-Commerce Engine Optimization (SEO).
Thomas Puchalski
Full-Stack Developer
Lauren captures the beauty of heritage and hard work, celebrating the inherent dignity of her subjects. She is drawn to stories of craftsmanship, sustainability, and ethical sourcing and am passionate about bringing those to light in robust ways.
Lauren di Matteo
'Lainey's background in digital design is extensive, with experience stemming from world-building and character design in the digital gaming space, she now loves to help businesses develop their visual brand identity through graphic design.'
Lainey Lamb
Graphic Designer
Michael Emerson, is originally from Melbourne, Australia. His passion is helping owners, directors, and their teams thrive and adapt by maost effectively utilizing their sales, distribution & marketing technology systems while managing costs.
Mike Emerson
Senior Consultant